Letters to the Editor

O’Toole vs. Fontaine

On Dec. 16, you published information about two movie stars who died: Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine. You gave Mr. O’Toole a front-page picture and headline, plus a detailed biography on page two, including a long list of his movie roles. Ms. Fontaine got a short obit buried on Page A5. Why the difference?

Ms. Fontaine was revered as one of the greatest female actors of her time. She won two Academy Awards, while Mr. O’Toole never did win an Oscar. I also consider her a better actor than O’Toole, and I still watch her films today on AMC and other channels. Peter O’Toole was known more for his odd behavior than his acting skills.

It seems to me your gender bias kicked in here, with the assumption that the male actor warranted all the attention. If I am wrong, tell me why.