Letters to the Editor

Freedom in danger

Our forefathers in 1787 felt that if our new country was to succeed as a democracy, it had to have a voting population that was well and honestly informed. This would mean there had to be a responsive news reporting system that would present all the news in a clear and concise manner — this would include information concerning individuals campaigning for public office.

As time went on, the control of some of our news programs was taken over by corporations interested in pursuing their own agenda. For this purpose, they had news produced that was biased and often downright fictitious. This questionable information would be repeated over and over again ad nauseam, the concept being that if it is repeated often enough, it will be accepted as the truth.

The amount of money used in political campaigning is catastrophically overwhelming. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations to act as individuals when it comes to contributions for candidates running for office and for proposed bills adds to this chicanery.

Plutarch warned if there were no brakes on the powers held by great wealth, it would endanger freedom.