Letters to the Editor

Just slow down

Recently, a couple of readers have expressed their concerns of bicyclist and pedestrian visibility.

One insists that bicyclists should wear high-visibility clothing and use a flashing light when riding a bicycle during daylight hours. Another wants pedestrians to be equipped with lights when walking during darkness.

Really? I suggest if you are a motorist and have trouble seeing someone who is riding or walking legally, you are driving too fast. The California Vehicle Code and case law requires the operator of a vehicle to be traveling at a speed at which they can safely identify and avoid striking something they are approaching in the roadway. Just because there is a posted speed limit, no one has the right to travel at that limit; they must proceed at a speed that is safe for the existing roadway and traffic conditions. Even if it is less than the posted speed limit.

I suggest you plan a little extra time for unexpected delays and slow down. Your car is not a time machine; there is no way you can make up for lost time by driving faster. This holds especially true if you hit a bicyclist or a pedestrian.