Letters to the Editor

Opposed to dorm

Add my name to the long list of Monterey Heights and Alta Vista residents strongly opposed to construction of the 1,475-bed Cal Poly dormitory complex at the intersection of Slack Street and Grand Avenue.

Those of us living near campus already live with excessive noise, litter, traffic, petty theft, vandalism and generalized disruption caused by wandering groups of inebriated, party-seeking students. Given Cal Poly administration’s professed “good neighbor” policy, their willingness to further degrade our neighborhood is appalling. Good neighbors ? Doesn’t seem so.

Worse yet was the stealth tactic employed by Cal Poly regarding public notification of the project. Using a legal, but wholly inadequate process, the plan was quietly announced in May but for most of us, it remained under the radar till recently. Meanwhile, preliminary engineering at the site continues apace and overlapped the two public meetings convened to solicit public input. Good neighbors? Not so much.

California law requires mitigation of project impacts. Despite acknowledging that loud noise can erode property values and cause stress and ill health, the EIR inexplicably declares that adding an additional 1,500 students along with inevitable increases in noise and disruption will be “less than significant .” Only if you don’t live there.