Letters to the Editor

No pullovers, thanks

I look in my rearview mirror. My heart pounds. Red lights of a police vehicle whirl behind me. A siren blares and a deep voice bellows: “Pull over to the right, please.”

What have I done? Seat belt? Check. Texting? Nope? On the cellphone? Nah. Speeding? No way. Perspiration forms on my forehead. I can’t afford a ticket, much less higher insurance rates.

I scramble for my driver’s license. My hands shake as I look timidly at the police officer.

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” I blurt out. He smiles, “Ma’am. You did nothing wrong. I pulled you over to present you with a $15 certificate to Food 4 Less for being a good driver.” He beams as he hands me a shiny coupon.

Seriously, per The Tribune article Dec.15, we now have to go through the stress of being pulled over by a police officer because we are driving well. Our SLO police department is now doing promotions for a grocery chain. That’s where our taxpayer dollars are going?

If it’s OK, I will pass on being pulled over so you can praise my driving skills, even if it is for a grocery coupon.