Letters to the Editor

Facilitate success

San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Cayucos Elementary School District, Coast Unified School District and County Office of Education representatives will meet Wednesday to discuss inter-district student transfers and the associated allocation of funds.

Basic Aid districts are funded by property tax revenue, rather than average daily attendance. A district releasing a student to another district retains the funding for the student; the district accepting the student gets no additional funding. This isn’t fair to the accepting district or the student.

Cayucos property taxes flow to Coast Unified, while many, if not most, Cayucos students and families have closer community and social ties to San Luis Coastal schools such as Morro Bay High.

San Luis Coastal denies IDTs from Coast Unified because of the additional fiscal burden. The County Office of Education overturns appealed denials, allowing the IDT, without additional resources to the receiving district.

If Coast Unified School District is truly committed to student success and its mission statement, the receiving district should get the resources necessary to facilitate that success. Commit the resources; let the money follow the student.