Letters to the Editor

Nuclear waste

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission can’t stay away from San Luis Obispo. More than 230 people showed up at the Nov. 20 meeting on waste confidence, and so many signed up to speak that the meeting lasted almost four hours.

The next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Embassy Suites Hotel. This meeting will be about the current operating performance of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. Some of us will point out to the NRC staffers present that two-thirds of the 29 years of accumulated radioactive waste is in unprotected and overcrowded pools. We will let them know that we view the terms “spent” fuel and “used” fuel as deceptive. This waste is much more radioactive and unstable after spending approximately 18 months in the reactors, and it will remain lethal for up to a million years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace appreciates the workers at Diablo who work hard to run the plant safely. But best efforts cannot guarantee against mechanical or human error, terrorist attacks or rogue acts of Mother Nature. And as the disaster at Fukushima continues to teach us, the consequences of a mishap at a nuclear plant are horrifying.

It is time to give this dedicated workforce jobs creating truly sustainable energy as Diablo is gradually phased out.