Letters to the Editor

Thanks, SLO Fire Dept.

Thanks to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department, I had a wonderful early Christmas gift Dec. 7.

My next-door neighbor had a medical emergency, which Captain Gary and his wonderful EMTs on truck C-1 took care of in a very professional way.

On the way back to their fire truck, Gary noticed me struggling to pull some very tall and tough weeds that filled my front yard. In a matter of minutes, his crew of three had pitched in and cleared my yard of weeds and filled my green-waste container.

He explained that they didn’t have another emergency right then, and they like to go above and beyond our expectations when they see the opportunity. I’ve seen many nice things in my 80 years of life, but this was one I’ll remember for a long time. We are lucky to have such wonderful young men in our city. Many thanks to Gary and his crew.