Letters to the Editor

Road responsibilities

In response to the article by Julia Hickey on bicycle safety: I live in Cambria, and the drive down Highway 1 is always a challenge with the numerous bike riders who refuse to wear anything that makes them visible. Factor in fog and shadows, and they virtually blend into the road. All we want is to see them so we can prepare to pass. There is a simple device — a red LED light that fits under the seat in back and blinks — I have only seen one rider with this device, and I could see him well over a half a mile ahead during the day. Bright yellow or green jackets also are easily seen.

Out of approximately 50 riders I encountered on Saturday, only two had safety clothing. Both riders and drivers have to take responsibility to prevent accidents. Riders need to stop riding side-by-side and crossing over the white line, and drivers need to stop texting. I find the statistic on our county shameful — let’s do something about it.