Letters to the Editor

Making alterations

We’re as water conserving as any in Cambria, having mostly up-to-date low-flow toilets and fixtures, and a rainwater catchment system I designed myself.

But the thought of being forced to change out all plumbing fixtures when we want to make alterations/additions to our almost 20-year-old home starting Jan. 1 sent quite a scare through me, as I’m sure it did many others in the county.

The article in The Tribune does not tell enough, however. The obscure bill that was passed in 2009 does not require this changeout for maintenance and repair issues (even when a permit might be required), according to California Building Officials. Fresno County is following CALBO’s interpretations.

Repairs and maintenance that are exempt from the changeout law include: electrical service, HVAC changeouts/repairs, re-roofing, sewer line replacement, siding or stucco replacement, site work (retaining walls, fences), water heater replacement, window replacement, residential solar systems, swimming pools and other minor repairs /maintenance as determined by CALBO.

I hope local officials will abide by CALBO interpretations, and possibly follow Fresno County’s lead.