Letters to the Editor

Ammo issues

Shooters in California have grown deeply distrustful of the state government, currently controlled by Democrats. They have shown their distrust with big increases in ammunition purchases that have produced an acute ammunition shortage; shooters are buying lots of ammunition because they fear the state government will soon ban it, or make it prohibitively expensive.

For example, Assembly Bill 760 would levy a five-cent tax on each round of ammunition sold in California. The governor, a Democrat, might choose to veto this onerous piece of legislation, hopefully recognizing its dubious constitutionality. However, the fact that it’s moving through the Democrat-controlled Legislature shows how far to the radical left the Legislature has shifted in recent years.

Shooter distrust in California will eventually manifest itself at the ballot box. Colorado shooters were instrumental in a recall election that removed two Colorado legislators because of their anti-gun legislation. If the California legislature continues to put forth radical anti-gun legislation like AB 760, Democrats shouldn’t be too surprised to see a similar recall election right here in California, along with the repudiation of anti-gun legislators statewide in the next general election.