Letters to the Editor

Kennedy memories

The media attention last November surrounding Jack Kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination refreshed youthful memories of my awe of the man, but not only from the well-known events widely repeated by the press. My intense admiration came, then and today, from JFK’s inspired vision and challenge for the Peace Corps to be “America’s Best Ambassador,” a lasting legacy and template for world peace.

I have never met a former Peace Corps volunteer who was not a superb citizen. Given JFK’s pledge to keep his religion out of his politics, perhaps the Peace Corps initiative was the only way to bring his spirituality into his governance. I can only say: “Come back, Jack. Who will challenge us, once again, to rescue our Republic from the tortuous hold of powerful financial interests; to turn ‘Citizen’s United’ into ‘united citizens;’ to once again believe in ourselves?”

We miss you, Jack.