Letters to the Editor

Community’s side

Dan Carpenter hit the nail right on the head in his letter Dec. 6.

I would like to point out that not all Cal Poly students are a nuisance to the community. The students that create the noise and trash in the neighborhoods are a small minority on campus who subscribe to the “college party” lifestyle. I think the problem lies with a lack of emphasis by students on San Luis Obispo as their home. Most students consider SLO to be a temporary residence that they will leave in four years’ time and not a permanent residence.

I am reminded of an old Caltrans advertisement campaign that likened littering in California to littering in their own home. Most students love San Luis Obispo — we shop here, we vote in local elections and we stay over the summer to work in the community. In Cal Poly v. Community debates, I find myself on the side of the community.