Letters to the Editor

‘Warm zones’

Dec. 8 there was an article stating that the Obama administration recommends that paramedics should be sent into “warm zones” prior to the scenes being secured by law enforcement. The study also quotes a study conducted by “federal officials and medical experts” concluding that a faster response by EMS personnel would result in more survivors.

First of all, I would like to know how much money was spent on that study. It is quite obvious that faster treatment equates to a higher survival rate — I don’t think we need a study to come to that conclusion.

Secondly, I am appalled that the Obama administration tries to soft sell this idea by referring to it as a “warm zone.” These are not warm zones, these are “hot zones” with insane gunmen shooting at anything that moves. Sending our EMS personnel into these hot zones is nuts; perhaps we should just paint big targets on them to make it even easier for the gunman. Sending our EMS personnel into scenes where gunmen or other dangers have not been mitigated by law enforcement is plain stupid and irresponsible.

I hope our local fire and EMS managers will thumb their noses at this insane recommendation.