Letters to the Editor

Hype and lies

“Hope and change” has turned into “hype and lies.” Most people realize that if someone lies to them, over and over, what they tell you today is suspect, to say the least. This Affordable Care Act was so flawed from its inception that if Barack Obama had told the American people the truth about it, he would never have been re-elected. Just think about that.

Here in Morro Bay, we have the same situation:

If Mayor Jamie Irons had told the city voters he planned to scrap eight years of planning and $2 million in costs, he, too, would never have been elected. Our city might be able to find a way to afford a $54 million sewer plant, but we certainly cannot afford one costing more than three times that amount.

How can the Coastal Commission allow 40 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area to dump treated liquids from their sewer plants into the bay and then come down on a little city of 10,000 souls and tell us we can’t dump the same treated liquids into the ocean? There’s a big difference between pie-in-the-sky environmentalism and the reality of what a municipality can afford.