Letters to the Editor

Dogs on parade

In regard to Sara Burns: “No dogs on parade”: Where does Ms. Burns get her statistics?

I cannot speak for every dog and owner in the San Luis Obispo Christmas parade; however, all the animal-oriented parade participants issue guidelines regarding participation and only dogs who like and can handle it are taken.

With 40-plus years in dog rescue, rehab and evaluation for service and forever homes, I have yet to have a dog end up on the “doggie shrink couch” because of participation in a parade. I take my potential service dogs to parades, airports, train stations and any environment that might enhance their future jobs, and I would never jeopardize a dog I thought might be stressed out.

I suggest the next time Ms. Burns visits here, she spend some time with our volunteers and fosters in our animal-related organizations to see what we do and why a parade may mean so much to a potential service, companion or family dog.