Letters to the Editor

No dogs on parade

I was an out-of-town spectator at the San Luis Obispo Christmas parade Dec. 6. I have one fervent complaint.

I’m a dog lover myself. Still, my heart ached last night as I watched dog after dog trot by with their proud owners. Owners were having a great time, but didn’t anyone consider the poor dogs? Didn’t anyone stop for one minute and observe the dogs — even the organizations in the parade that were advocating being a responsible dog owner?

At least 75 percent of those poor animals were frightened, confused, traumatized, anxious and miserable. No one should ever take their dog into such an atmosphere. The sirens, the horns, the crowd cheers, confusion, lights, strange people, silly costumes and even cold weather — does anyone really believe the dogs were enjoying that experience? Sure they were cute, and the people loved it, but at what price for the dog? I call that “cruelty to animals” and the thoughtless owners should be ashamed of themselves.

Please, please, in future parades, do not allow dogs in the parade. Leave the poor animals at home where it’s warm, familiar and quiet. Thank you.