Letters to the Editor

Cold, polite tolerance

A note to Mayor Jamie Irons, Councilmembers Noah Smukler and Christine Johnson regarding their mishandling of the termination of Andrea Lueker and Rob Schultz:

There is little hope that the support for Andrea at the Dec. 3 closed-session public comment period will have an impact on your decision. The one person who supported your actions was woefully outnumbered by Andrea’s supporters.

The animosity you’ve created toward yourselves over this will be your legacy and overshadow any positive actions you may take in the future.

Andrea Lueker and Rob Schultz have long been loved and respected by nearly all of the citizens and staff of the city of Morro Bay. Your actions in this matter have not earned respect for any of you or support outside of your own small circle. I believe you will, at the most, be treated with cold, polite tolerance for the rest of your terms.