Letters to the Editor

Misplaced criticism

Clair Grantham’s criticism of the methods used to hire an interim city attorney for Morro Bay seems inappropriate. A highly qualified interim attorney was hired at lightning speed and is already on the job — and Anne Russell is one of the most highly qualified and respected attorneys in the county.

It is also interesting that Russell has indicated she can do the job in 30 hours a week. Why did we have a full-time city attorney?

As for having Russell and former city attorney Robert Schultz on the payroll at the same time, critics do not understand basic personnel management concepts. A terminated employee must be considered to be, and handled as, a disgruntled employee.

The standard course of action to prevent potential problems is to ask the employee to leave and not return to the office. Keys/ access cards are collected, and the employee’s access to the computer system is canceled. The employee’s name is removed from lists of authorized agents.

Regarding Grantham’s comments on the cost of the sewer plant, there are far less expensive alternatives available. It is unlikely the new plant will cost more than a fraction of the estimates recently released.