Letters to the Editor

Happy bells

Dec. 1, there were lots and lots of motorcycles lined up around Portuguese Hall in Arroyo Grande, obviously there for the annual toy run. Seeing them made me feel good. Then I went into the Village and there was Anita Shower ringing a Salvation Army bell, so I completed my shopping and went down the street to make a donation. Hearing the bells is a happy thing.

Let it be known, if you have a Salvation Army person outside, I will go inside and purchase something. If I hear you refused them, or that sad excuse, ‘the property owner said “no,”‘ I will avoid you.

Let’s hear it for the Marines’ “Toys for Tots,” Santa Cop and the churches’ food baskets, and save your soup coupons for the local schools. Do something. If they have a buy one, get-one-free turkey, give the second to the food bank. If you don’t want to buy fattening candy, make a donation and don’t take the candy.

And by the way — I don’t know about you, but I am going to have a Merry Christmas.