Letters to the Editor

Previous councils

A mailer that arrived in Morro Bay mailboxes complains about the Coastal Commission’s denial of a permit to put the new sewer plant in the same location, as though Mayor Jamie Irons was responsible for that.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Previous council majorities ignored the commission’s clear directives for years, continuing to spend money on a project that was dead on arrival and hiring lobbyists to try and influence the commission to reverse itself and approve a project it had twice sent back. The quote from Commissioner Mary Shallenberger makes clear that the permit was going to be denied. Those who were present also heard commissioners praise the current council for their courage and vision in recognizing that the plant does not belong in a flood plain, and this is the chance to fix that.

You can’t change history by saying it happened a different way. It is not the current council that has wasted money. It is the previous councils that refused to accept the inevitability of moving the plant. They did so in spite of years of public comment urging them to reconsider that course and think about what is best for the city for the next 50 years.