Letters to the Editor

Student housing

Surely Stan Nosek didn’t intend to sound so supercilious when he declared, “We are going to consider all opinions, but the ultimate decision will be made on what’s best for student learning” (Dec. 3).

Discussions of Cal Poly’s plan to build a 1,400-bed, five-story student housing project highlight its impact on residential properties and redistribution of (the increase in) traffic into other highly impacted city-street entrances to Cal Poly. And the environmental impact report is not yet even finalized.

But the university’s interim vice president for administration and finance at least acknowledged that the university is only now beginning to look at “a previously unconsidered site for the project.”

Cal Poly plans to increase the student body by 4,000 to 5,000 over the next few years — against an existing deficit of 7,200 on-campus beds. Clearly the impact on the town of San Luis Obispo and its citizens is not yet a factor in setting student body size. Suppose “what’s best for student learning” is to size the student body based on the adverse impact on other folks? Is such a balanced approach just not an option?