Letters to the Editor

Time to be accepting

I am approaching my 80th year and have had a transgendered person in my life since “she” was born, as I was asked to be “her” godmother.

That girl, and then a grown woman, struggled for years to find “herself” and where “she” fit in. “She” realized in “her” 40s exactly where “she” fit and began intensive therapy and extensive surgeries to become the man that had been trapped in “her” for so long. I then had occasion to welcome my godson and I did, with love and support. I had always felt a distance between us while he was growing up — something was off. Now, he is my wonderful godson and one of my best friends.

My children grew up with “her” but now embrace him. Hopefully people will begin to realize this is not about children trying to sneak a peek into the other gender’s restroom and know nature can make mistakes, perhaps accepting somewhat in the manner of accepting gay marriage. We are so fortunate to live in a time when science can help people trapped in another gender’s body. Thank you, Caroline Hall, for your informative letter.