Letters to the Editor

Conservatives record

After all the terrible things K.W. Thomas said about her “liberal friends,” I’ll bet some friendships are being reconsidered (“Not us vs. them,” letters, Nov. 27).

Thomas was trying to obscure the reputation of conservatives when it comes to caring about the poor, and thinks anyone who points out the reality of their record is “trying to turn everything into ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ ” Sorry, K.W., but conservatives have earned their rep. It’s not liberals who want to take away food stamps from 3 million people (mostly children). It’s not liberals who are fighting against increasing the minimum wage and trying to slash the social safety net to ribbons. It wasn’t liberals who fought Social Security in the ’30s, and it was Saint Ronald Reagan who called Medicare a “socialist plot to destroy America.” Liberals aren’t trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor while shoveling more tax breaks to billionaires.

Conservatives earned their reputation by supporting policies that stick it to the poor and opposing policies that help them. Policies, not trivial contests of personal virtues and prejudices, are what matter. And the record is painfully clear.