Letters to the Editor

Paso suit distracting

I read with great interest the articles penned by Phil Dirkx and Cindy Steinbeck (Nov. 29) on their views of the state of our aquifer. One speaks to management and the other to litigation. I support the view of the former and reject the latter.

The case has been made that our aquifer — supporting both Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo County residential and business interests — is “in danger” and, in my opinion, elected officials have acted in a measured and disciplined way. I reject the proposition that affirming rural property owners have a “right to pump” or the county Supervisors have acted inappropriately does anything to solve the problem. In fact, it tends to distract one from the real issue of the depletion of our aquifer and hinders any real progress in balancing competing interests necessary for effective resource management.