Letters to the Editor

Allow bell ringers

There is no Salvation Army bell ringer in front of Walmart in Arroyo Grande. When I asked why, the manager told me the corporation that owns the building, Investec Management Corp., will not allow them to have any fundraising activities in their common areas.

The management and employees of Walmart have always been great supporters of our community. We need to support them now and start a phone/letter writing campaign. We need to say it loud and clear: We are not going to blame our local Walmart, because of a decision made by some cold, non-involved corporation in Santa Barbara.

They need to reinstate the policy of the past and allow the charities and churches to have their fundraiser. The only ones they are allowing to be there now are the petitions hawkers, trying to sway your vote. What is with that?

Please join me and call their commercial property manager at 962-8989, ext. 318 and tell them how you feel about this change. Or you can contact them through their website at http://www.investecre.com.

Please do it ASAP — the Christmas bell ringing is the only fundraiser for The Salvation Army.