Letters to the Editor

Just wait for June

I find it incredibly ironic that the Morro Bay recall proponents have yet to announce their candidate for mayor, should they succeed in getting enough signatures for the June election. The irony is that one of their recall reasons for Mayor Jamie Irons is that he did not have a succession plan for terminating the city attorney.

First, who exactly do the recall proponents propose should be mayor? Shouldn’t they be equally concerned with who will lead the city if they are successful? Their lack of organization and messaging leads me to believe their recall was fueled solely by emotion and sour grapes from the last election.

Secondly, and more importantly, the city hired a new attorney immediately after terminating the old city attorney, with no residents losing access to city services. It turns out the succession was executed flawlessly, most likely to the chagrin of the recall proponents.

Until the recall proponents explain their succession plan, I suggest Morro Bay voters do the right thing — not sign the recall petition — and wait until our real election in June.