Letters to the Editor

Visionary people

Just reread “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It’s a reminder of goodness, doing right, and respecting humanity. Now here’s a leap: Morro Bay, a place that has faces and responsibilities. You can’t get lost in a crowd here; you’re exposed. Take Mayor Jamie Irons, and council members Noah Smukler and Christine Johnson, and you see an Atticus Finch: They are tolerant, diligent, brave and they care. They care to see the whole village, the future and what is at stake.

Many of us, especially if we are older, think we can take a pass on that future. Yet we are conditioned to scream loudest about grandchildren. Morro Bay is fortunate to have visionary people who are not afraid — uncomfortable at times, but not afraid — of the small-mindedness and fear expressed by some who aren’t ready for “forward.”

Our country has to deal with foundational issues. We have to all deal with bigger things, and nothing is bigger than food, water, waste and air and the humanity that must face the “big” stuff. Everything else is just bad performance art.

Thank you Jamie, Christine and Noah for making fiction come alive in the elegance of your devotion to a positive place to begin.