Letters to the Editor

Absurd approach

Our love affair with the free market combined with a bizarre mix of single-payer (Medicare/Medical) and private health insurance has produced a corporate crapshoot that rewards hiding the actual cost of providing health care to our citizens.

In the health care business, no one — seriously, no one — knows what a procedure will cost until the insurance company is billed, and the insurance company decides how much to pay after it looks at what policy options you have bought. I kid you not. This is the free market?

This absurd approach to providing services encourages health care providers — everyone from “doc-in-a-box” stores to mega hospitals and pharmaceutical giants — to obfuscate and conceal their costs and your costs.

And how much does that add to the cost of providing service? For a true free market to exist, transparency is essential. What we have now qualifies more as a license to steal than a free market. My recommendation? Eliminate the insurance industry and put us all on a cash basis, or create a single single-payer plan. What we have now makes no sense at all.