Letters to the Editor

Not us vs. them

This is in regard to the letter on Nov. 24 from Myra Tompkins, who talks about the “cruel view that conservatives hold toward the poor.”

I am one of those political “conservatives” who has worked with the indigent population for 30-plus years. I have politically “liberal” friends who do not want Walmart in their backyard because it will bring “those people” to their neighborhood, and who have blatantly stated they would never hire immigrant labor, documented or not. Some swear they will never buy an American car, yet owned Volvos when they were made by Ford. Some refuse to shop at the evil local mall that took away downtown business, but instead shop on the Internet, somehow not realizing this is nothing more than a cybermall, and does nothing to revitalize the downtown.

It would be nice to stop making everything about “morally superior” liberals and the “rich demon” conservatives. Everybody has biases and prejudices, and not everything is politically based or biased. There are sensitive, caring, empathic people on both sides of the political table, and constantly trying to turn everything into “us” versus “them” does nothing to further understanding or reduce conflict.