Letters to the Editor

Transgender reality

Elizabeth Lipke (Nov. 19) seems to imagine that AB1226 encourages Peter to get up in the morning, borrow his sister’s clothes, show up at school saying he’s decided to be Jane, and head into the girls’ bathroom to see what he can see. That would indeed be a privacy issue. But Peter deciding to be Jane for a day in order to mount a bathroom invasion is quite different from the long process transgender students and their families go through as they come to terms with having a family member whose body doesn’t reflect the reality of their inner experience.

The practice of allowing students who are living and dressing as their self-identified gender to use the appropriate bathroom and locker room is happening in school districts across the country with very few problems. It has proven successful in reducing bullying. All that’s different here in California is that the state Assembly decided respect for the individual’s right to be themselves was so important, it should be encoded in state law.

I, for one, am proud to live in a state that cares enough for its children to make this a priority for lawmakers.