Letters to the Editor

Unbelievable letter

Unbelievable is the only word for M.J. Johnson’s letter. Only a hopeless partisan with a severe case of cognitive dissonance could believe M.J. Johnson, who referred to:

A bill written in secret by left-wing activists, passed by Democrats who did not bother to read it and rolled out in spite of no one having tested it or bothered to heed the warnings from the actual programmers who said it was not ready.

A bill that had zero Republican input or consultation, at any point in time.

A bill that was passed over objections from Republicans that it would be not be affordable and a bill that not a single Republican voted for in either Chamber.

Of course it’s the Republicans’ fault. Anything Democrats screw up will always be the Republicans’ fault (for not stopping the Democrats).

Our whole economic system functions because of what the left calls “useless middlemen” (entrepreneurs), and socialists believe only the kings and queens of D.C., and that they know what is best for us.

Those who give up necessary liberties to achieve the fictitious promises of politicians and schemers, end up with neither liberties or the promises.