Letters to the Editor

Tough times for libraries

I read the letter from Jay Devore (“Library donations sold,” Nov. 17) with great interest.

We cannot blame libraries for societal issues. The results of putting children in front of a television or computer rather than spending the time to teach them to read for pleasure and knowledge are obvious. We are choosing shallow quick information bites over in-depth learning.

Funding for public libraries is at an all-time low. The county librarian and staff are in the difficult position of having to choose between items that are regularly used and items that, while of value, are not being checked out by patrons. Libraries do not exist in a vacuum.

If the public does not support the valuable role libraries play in providing free information and recreation to all segments of our population, it will continue to be hard for them to serve our communities.

Friends of the Library work hard to close the gap between lower budgets and rising expectations. We strive to keep our libraries relevant and forward-looking. I think it bodes well for the future that so many people continue to support their local library. I only hope that Mr. Devore will continue to do so as well.