Letters to the Editor

Give new law a chance

Several weeks ago, I had two flights on Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner. It is a great aircraft, extremely advanced in design, materials and flight operations. This aircraft has been labeled “revolutionary” and “a daring project.”

As with all advancing technology, there often are numerous problems and delays that occur and require fixing.

The Boeing 787 had its problems —with all 787s being grounded in January through part of April. Similar was true with the huge Airbus 380.

Following several of the major airline and railroad mergers, the combined companies suffered significant delays and problems.

Several years back, the “advanced” baggage handling system at the new Denver International Airport caused delays in the opening of the airport and required several major modifications at great costs.

The technological glitches — advanced computer programming — for the Affordable Care Act insurance websites are causing significant delays and problems, but why should the entire law be scrapped while we Americans tolerate American corporations to address their initial advancing technological issues?

Give the law a working chance. As has been, America’s health care costs are twice what other leading nations spend, yet we rank about 20th on all the results. Why profit from health care?