Letters to the Editor

Health care for all

The rollout of Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. It was always a horrible plan, meant to cave to big insurance companies, Big Pharma and the old bugaboo of “states rights.”

Then, even that was so badly designed and implemented as to scream “amateur hour.” There was no overall, technically competent core of outside people to make sure the best firms were hired and the whole thing coordinated professionally.

Barack Obama, as usual neurotically cerebral and disconnected, at first, hid and then pathetically admitted the massive foul-ups and incompetence. Now comes a flood of proposals from Republicans, cowardly Democrats and Obama himself who will weaken this already anemic program.

The solution all along: a single-payer system in the form of expanded, improved, democratized, transparent and adequately funded Medicare for all, the kind of system in place for decades in every other advanced industrial country in the world, and in many not so advanced as well. Cut the NSA, the CIA, the Pentagon and tax breaks for billionaires and spend it on health care, massive public-infrastructure works, affordable housing, education, forgiving student debt, aid to cities and states, etc. “Radical,” huh?