Letters to the Editor

End justifies means

It has been said that simple solutions for complex problems don’t work, but politicians seem to make simple problems complex with self-serving purpose.

In 2009, Democrats took full control of the federal government, and without the courage of leadership, they subsequently delivered the horribly complex and costly Affordable Care Act to mitigate the inequity of health care insurance.

As an excuse for the “you can keep your insurance” untruth, Democrats are now chanting that 85 percent of Americans have employer-provided health insurance.

The fundamental inequity of government subsidies for employer-provided insurance goes unmentioned.

It seems to me that partially defunding health insurance subsidies for 85 percent would go a long way toward funding subsidies for 15 percent. In doing that, Democrats would have had to give up some of their own health insurance subsidies, as would labor unions, businesses and 85 percent of working people.

Right or wrong, that would be unpopular.

Because all social programs are subjective, the end always justifies the means. What? Risk my pocketbook and re-election with political courage and leadership? No way. We can fool our Democratic constituents by blaming Republicans for the ACA debacle.