Letters to the Editor

Reader doesn’t know

It’s no surprise to me that there have been so many problems with the Affordable Care Act. First, to whom is the law affordable?

Certainly not to most potential customers or, as they will eventually become, victims. Of course the taxpayers, you and I, will suffer most. But the main reason for the mess is that Kathleen Sebelius didn’t call in BDO. I really don’t know what or who BDO is, but I’m sure they could have fixed it.

Heck, even enlisting Sony to help would have been a step in the right direction. I would guess Sony sold more PS4 units in the first hour of its release than Obamacare sold in its first month.

And so far, I haven’t heard of anyone being forced to turn in their PS3 unit before having to buy a PS4 just to stay in the game.