Letters to the Editor

State exchanges

Our media is not serving us well. You hear very little about those states like California, Washington, Kentucky, New York and at least 12 other states that chose to create state insurance exchanges.

As soon as the Affordable Care Act was passed, California started passing legislation that was needed to be ready for when the ACA goes into place. Those states also planned to expand Medicaid and are doing very well. They are enrolling thousands of people — my last count of just the four equals about 200,000. The people in states that chose not to create state exchanges or expand Medicaid have to depend on the federal exchange. Although that system has some serious problems that must be fixed, the huge volume of people trying to sign up certainly is a factor in the problem.

Since we turned 65 and went on Medicare and a supplement 22 years ago, we have lost four policies because they chose to leave San Luis Obispo County. None of this had anything to do with the ACA. It had nothing to do with our changing health or ability to pay. So insurance companies come and go without any particular reason. It took Massachusetts several years to obtain a majority and reach universal coverage.