Letters to the Editor

End Alzheimer’s

My mantra has become “Together we can end Alzheimer’s.” November is national Alzheimer’s month.

We are at a crossroads now and have a comprehensive road map and strategy for the first time to fight Alzheimer’s.

We now urge President Barack Obama and Congress to put aside damaging partisan politics and focus on finding common ground that will enable us to marshal the resources, expertise and innovation needed to change the course of the disease for the millions living with Alzheimer’s today and the millions more who will face it in the future.

More than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day, and age is one of the greatest known risk factors for this disease.

My husband battled six years with this horrendous disease. Having him taken from me bit by bit each day is something I do not want to happen to others. I have become an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Please contact your congressional representative and congressperson and ask him/her to provide funding necessary to support the National Alzheimer’s Plan. Visit alz.org/napa   and learn how to become involved with the fight against Alzheimer’s.