Letters to the Editor

Questioning reply

My letter Nov. 9 was about the disruption faced by people like me who purchased insurance on the individual market and now are at risk of losing it. On Nov 9, I received a cancellation notice for my teenager’s insurance plan.

But I’m not writing about insurance now. I’m writing about M.J.’s response. Sounds like he (she?) had a different experience. But I wonder why M.J. had to make statements like “If Mangione really is self-employed ... ” and why M.J. thinks I lied about liking my plan. How does calling me a liar support M.J.’s position? Perhaps if M.J. had gone with one of the many nonprofit insurance companies, as I have, his experience would have been a better one.

But at least M.J. spoke out publicly. I laud him for that. Another Tribune reader secretly tracked down my home address and sent me an anonymous and creepy letter. Guess it takes all kinds.