Letters to the Editor

State site working

Like most Americans, I have been frustrated by the poor design and implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act website. But I feel it should be noted that the state-developed ACA websites have fared much better.

I used California’s http://CoveredCA.com to sign up for a health care plan that is massively better than what I had before. I had no problems at all using the site. During the process of reviewing my options, I also called the helpline to ask questions. Each time I called, I was able to get a support person in less than a minute and who did an excellent job of addressing my questions.

I find the Republican efforts to prevent people from getting good health care just plain sad. It is also ironic that if the Republican governors of many states had put up sites of their own, which they had the option to do, the overall implementation of the program would have gone far better because then the federal site would not have been so overloaded.