Letters to the Editor

Founding documents

“Democracy” is not in any founding document, but “Republic” is multiple times.

Republic means a majority cannot stop my individual rights listed in our Constitution. Freedom of religion means I can believe any religion I choose to. Freedom of speech means I can verbalize my religion in any public place. George Washington’s first act brought both congressional houses together for prayer dedicating our nation to God. When our founders couldn’t agree on what our Constitution should say, they fasted and prayed until our founding document emerged. Separation of church and state isn’t found in any founding documents.

The Constitution saves all men from being forced to believe one religion, but praying does not impose or force religion on anyone in any venue. If you don’t agree, don’t pray along.

Prayer was a major part of our founding, and our Constitution is based on biblical truths, like it or not. Nearly 50 percent the words spoken in our constitutional convention were directly quoted from the Bible or a preaching from the Bible. When asked what form of government we were given, Thomas Jefferson stated, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”