Letters to the Editor

Repeal law aiding kids

On Aug. 12, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1226. This law forces our children to use co-ed bathrooms and showers with members of the opposite sex who have a gender identity issue. Just because someone identifies with the opposite sex doesn’t make them female if they are male, and vice versa. How they choose to dress is between them and their parents.

In no way do I condone teasing or bullying. However, I strongly believe that our children have a right to their privacy. I as a parent, if faced with a child who chooses not to use the bathroom or shower with a member of the opposite sex, would protect the privacy of him or her regardless of any law that our crazy governor signs.

If I am politically incorrect because I defend all children’s right to privacy, I know I do not stand alone on this one. This law needs to be repealed until California is given the right to vote on this issue.