Letters to the Editor

Two op-ed pieces?

This is the second time The Tribune has published on op-ed piece from Atheists United, Freedom from Religion, et al.

Please stop. In publishing two of their op-ed pieces, you are in fact exhibiting an opinion. If The Tribune wants to take a position on this, then be bold and publish an editorial one way or the other.

I find it difficult to believe that no one from the Pismo Beach City Council or any other Pismo Beach citizen has taken a position that opposes the suit by AU-SLO, Freedom from Religion or any other alphabet soup entity that is offended by prayer (Christian or otherwise).

Suffice it to say, these folks may have a strictly legal point to make, but if the issue merits two op-ed pieces, as opposed to a common letter to the editor in your view, then publish an editorial and give someone else a voice. Political correctness needs to be stricken from our society forever.