Letters to the Editor

Library donations sold

My wife and I have donated many hundreds of dollars of materials to our local library, including courses on CD and DVD. So when I attended a recent Friends of the Library sale, I was flabbergasted to see courses on biology, psychology and concert masterworks being sold off.

We had consulted with the librarian prior to the purchase of those courses.

Our library has many hundreds of movie videos, which are available inexpensively elsewhere.

In contrast, the courses we donated are not easily accessed, except through a library system. In our entire county, there is now only one copy of the biology course.

The acting director of the library system was unapologetic regarding the elimination of materials.

He said such decisions are driven by circulation and shelf space considerations. He asserted it was better to have shelves only two-thirds full with covers facing out rather than completely full with bindings facing out. But I think the library should lead rather than follow popular tastes.

I feel betrayed and am no longer inclined to make library contributions.

Sadly, in dumbing down their holdings, libraries seem to be following the same path as education and entertainment in the United States.