Letters to the Editor

Can’t afford Irons

Thank you, Janice Peters, for a well-written explanation (Viewpoint, Nov. 3) of what is going on in our town of Morro Bay.

We are two of the voters who voted for Jamie Irons. We thought he had the good of the city at heart. We didn’t know he was part of a bloc that had its own personal agenda. We were very disappointed in the way Mr. Irons has handled the firing of our longtime attorney.

Now, the city is paying for multiple attorneys instead of one. The original lawyer’s contract had a cap at $12,500. Then they amended it to add an additional $5,000. That comes to $17,500. Now he is going to fire our very knowledgeable and capable city manager. How much more will this cost us?

There are many other things we could bring up, but we won’t. He seems to have a lot of money behind him, what with the fancy fliers in the mail and the telephone calls.

We have signed the recall petition. We think the voters should have a say in whether he is recalled or not. Can we afford many more years with a mayor like Mr. Irons?