Letters to the Editor

Morro Bay spoke

As an activist who fought the 301(h) waiver in 2004, I need to chime in. Last election, Morro Bay spoke clearly. Morro Bay had seen enough shenanigans and sewage, and “threw the bums out.” Well, now those “bums” are whining, and are pushing a recall that amounts to nothing more than sour grapes. The Iron Mayor understands his mandate: compliance with the Clean Water Act, and Morro Bay is 40 years behind. There is no way to compromise with the laws that everybody else in the state (except San Diego) complies with. Secondary treatment was the minimum required 40 years ago.

An attempt was made to disinfect less-thansecondary sewage, resulting in chemical reactions causing endocrine disruptors, which wreak havoc with the reproductive systems of animals and people. The ocean shore is no place to site a wastewater treatment plant, and poorly treated sewage must no longer be dumped into the bay. The pipes are broken beneath Main Street, and moving the sewer allows this to be fixed.

Morro Bay will attract ecotourism dollars into the future, the council majority recognizes that, and the people want clean water — and the Iron Mayor of Morro Bay.