Letters to the Editor

Outcome of policy

Thank you for adding your support for the plans to house up to 50 homeless persons (“Program to help homeless a step in the right direction,” Nov. 10).

The desperation and rising numbers of families with young children is a costly shame that undermines our community. In my work with the homeless, I see many vets returning from war with insufficient resources to live in our community. This is shameful. Combining supportive services along with housing has proven effective in many cities, as well as a net savings to the taxpayer. While every situation is different, the common need among people who are homeless is they all need a stable place to live. This is so obvious that is should not need to be mentioned.

It is time to move beyond discussion of homelessness as pathology and face the economic reality of it — an inevitable outcome of policies that have been going on for years. Homeless people do have problems, as do many who are housed. Having a home base makes problem solving easier, replacing despair with hope. And it sure beats what we’ve got.