Letters to the Editor

Mad at wrong people

Sheila Mangione (Nov. 9) is self-employed and angry that she’s losing her health insurance. However, she’s mad at the wrong people. She should be angry with the for-profit health insurance companies that consider her not worth the risk to cover.

I, too, am self employed. If Mangione really is self-employed, I find it difficult to believe she “likes” her plan. Over the past 15 years, despite robust health, I have sustained regular benefit cuts and/or premium increases. The last plan I had increased premiums 22 to 27 percent per year on a plan with a high deductible, like Mangione. Efforts to control costs and provide stabilizing measures in the Affordable Care Act were nixed by Republicans when the legislation was drafted.

The problem is the Affordable Care Act attempts to re-shape the private health insurance industry to provide greater public benefit. Long-term, this is unworkable because corporate profit motive and health care delivery are incompatible. Health insurance companies aren’t in business to deliver health care, they are in business to make profits. Until we rid the system of these greedy, useless middlemen, we will not solve health care access and affordability problems.