Letters to the Editor

Try harder

In a letter to the editor Nov. 7, Lester Katz made a case for unfettered health care markets and supposed health care rationing was the reason fewer heart transplants were performed in Canada than in the United States.

So, like Mr. Katz, “just for sport,” I looked a little further into the topic and found some additional transplant statistics that may influence these numbers. Lester, you may find it interesting that Canadians have a significantly lower rate of heart disease, hence, less need of heart transplants. They also have a much shorter waiting list, even factoring for population, than we do here in the USA. Poorer health care and outcomes in a dysfunctional system? I suspect so.

Back to your argument about competitive shopping in the market: Try that the next time you have a heart attack. I imagine the multiple calls to ambulance services for the best rate. And then rolling into the emergency room to inquire about their rates and outcomes. “No way,” you say after checking their rates. “Driver, on to the next E.R. I’ve got some shopping to do.”

Citing a random statistic does not add anything to a complex debate. Try harder next time.